Tuesday 27 May 2014

Insects of Lobb's Wood

14-spot Ladybird, Propylea 14-punctata
On Saturday I checked out Lobb's Wood, a short walk away. I found the expected Speckled Woods fighting and a Red Admiral. I see these two butterflies here every year in a glade in the middle of the wood. There has been an influx of Red Admirals from the continent recently brought by the southerly winds. Among other interesting insects I found a Hoverfly larva eating an aphid and a bedraggled Yellow-legged Mining Bee. Disappointingly I did not find any micromoths.
Common Green Capsid, Lygocoris pabulinus
Common Woodlouse, Oniscus asellus with 14-spot Ladybird

fly ids needed please!

 Garden snails, Helix aspersa

Hoverfly larva eating an aphid, Syrphus ribesii

Marmalade Hoverfly, Episyrphus balteatus
Meadow Buttercup, Ranunculus acris
Speckled Wood, Pararge aegeria
Umbillifer species
Yellow Dung fly, Scatophaga stercoraria
Yellow-legged Mining Bee, Andrena flavipes

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