Wednesday, 20 March 2013

An Edward penny and a Unicorn

Edward penny, obverse
On Sunday we had a club dig on wet soil. I found my earliest hammered coin, an Edward penny minted in Canterbury. I think it is Edward I, but need confirmation. I also found a copper alloy horse mount in the form of a Unicorn, a copper clasp, a lead Spindle whorl or Loom weight and two buttons.
Edward penny, reverse
Edward I penny? (1282-1289)
Obverse Legend: [EDW R?] ANGL DNS HYB (Edward King of England Lord of Ireland)
Reverse Legend: CIVITAS CANTOR (City of Canterbury)
diameter : 17mm, thickness: 0.57mm, weight: 0.96g

copper clasp
Copper clasp: weight: 3.14g, height: 16mm, thickness: 0.92mm, length: 24.5mm

Unicorn horse mount
Unicorn horse mount: weight: 40.1g, height: 54.2mm, thickness: 5.6mm, width 64.8mm
At first I thought it was a Griffin, but Muike pointed out that it is a unicorn that has lost its horn.
Spindle whorl or loom weight
Spindle whorl: weight: 26.25g, height: 11.6mm, diameter: 22.6mm


  1. It is amazing how much of this stuff is still essentially just lying around in this country. Impressive finds!


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