Monday, 25 January 2010

Romans at Shoreham

Yesterday was a club dig near Shoreham. It was a dry day, cold at first, but warmed up through the morning. A hammered and several Roman coins were found by members. In addition to a button I was delighted to find my first Roman coin. It is a copy of a City of Constantinople Commemorative, 334 - 335 A.D.  see also this link. The obverse has the second part of the new city goddess named CONSTAN TINOPOLIS and shows her helmeted bust facing left in imperial cloak and holding a scepter across her left shoulder. The helmet is laureated and she is wearing a cuirass (breastplate). The reverse shows a winged Victory standing facing left, right foot on prow of a galley with scepter in right hand, left hand resting on a grounded shield. It weighs 2 grams and is 16mm on the longest side.

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