Friday, 24 July 2009

Chalkhill Blues, Small Skippers and Hawkmoths at Friston

At 8:30 this morning the heavens opened in Eastbourne. However, we were confident the butterfly walk at Friston would go ahead, and Bea and I arrived at the Forestry Commission car park at Butchershole Bottom to find a crowd of butterfly enthusiasts gathering. Michael Blencowe led this Butterfly Conservation group walk, and Neil Hulme assisted. At the common called The Gallops there were Chalkhill Blues everywhere plus some Small Skippers, both were new species for me. Both my cameras were kept busy. We retired to Michael’s cottage when the weather deteriorated and he showed us the moths collected from two moth traps the previous night. There were many species, and the most spectacular ones were Garden Tigers, a Buff Tip, Privet Hawkmoths, Poplar Hawkmoths and an Elephant Hawkmoth. An excellent lunch at The Galleon completed a great day out.

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