Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tuan, star of Monkey World

We trusted the forecasts, left in a downpour with Jackie and young Brian, and by the time we arrived at Monkey World it had become a perfect day. Everything was well organised, seats and refreshments everywhere and plenty of kids play areas to get rid of young energy! Wonderful facilities for the ‘guests’ and beautifully laid out, with keeper talks at the different pens well advertised. And diesel at 101p on the way back! We are off to a pub meal treat by Jackie now, the end to a perfect day.


  1. I think the mighty Tuan might not take too kindly to this - this is a female A-mei but she's a heroine in her own right because she looks after the kids in the nursery all day, every day!!

  2. Forgot to say ... lovely picture!


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