Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cancer appointment, Ollie and a day in Derbyshire

Table Sculpture: bricolage with hen by Ken Reah
Yesterday was an interesting day. We had a meeting with a urology surgeon to discuss my prostate cancer (see here) He advised that due to the its low grade nature they recommended that I follow a course of active surveillance. I was happy to agree! I will have an MRI in November (four months after the biopsy) plus another blood test to check the PSA level,

We then drove to Sheffield where Nute and Ken had prepared a lovely chicken dish. This morning I took Ollie on a walk round Endcliffe Park. He is used to certain routes round the park and reminded me a couple of times that we were about to deviate from them. However, he agreed with my choice of the longer route after a sharp tug...

The Autumn light encouraged me to record Ken's latest garden sculptures and some of the older maturing pieces. His latest is featured above and is a work in progress. We bought some deli items for lunch at the excellent Sharrow Vale shopping area which has really come on since we lived here over thirty years ago.

Mid afternoon I decided to do my favourite walk from the B6521 at Granby Barn to Owler Tor then down to the woods and back via Burbage Brook. Evening meal was another Ken specialty - Spaghetti bolognaise.
ancient work collapsing
click on the photo above to see the original creation

Table Sculpture: bricolage with hen


Walk to Owler Tor and Burbage Brook:

a pair of Grey Wagtails foraged on the rocks

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