Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Chantry Hill and Springhead

This morning I decided to search for Silver-spotted Skippers. It’s getting a bit late but I visited Chantry Hill, north of Arundel. I found the tumuli and a warm bowl which should have been ideal for them but found none. There were plenty of Small Heaths and Argus Browns, a Red Admiral and a Brimstone. I then went on to Kithurst Hill car park and the meadow there gave me Adonis Blues, Argus Browns, Common Blues, Speckled Woods, Large and Small Whites and Brimstones. There were some impressive clouds and views from the Chantry Hill.
Small Heath
Storrington from Chantry Hill
view from Tumuli

Striped Wainscot moth
Brown Argus

Argus Brown
worn Common Blue
Adonis Blues

Speckled Wood
 Brown Argus

more to follow...


  1. I still can't get over the beautiful colours your wild butterflies have! Great pics as usual! Caroline.

  2. Thanks Caroline, sadly the butterfly year is coming to an end this month.


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