Sunday, 29 August 2010

Brown Hairstreak Fest at Steyning

Yesterday was the first clear sunny day since the Brown Hairstreaks starting hatching a month ago. I arrived at the Steyning path at 1O:15 and Neil's Butterfly Conservation group of about 60 was gathering. I arrived on site at 10:30 with Roger and we found a few enthusiasts were already gathered around a Brown Hairstreak. The early morning sun must have warmed them up early and with the recent bad weather the females were wasting no time getting out and about to lay their eggs. By the time Neil's horde arrived we had a BH ready for them to inspect and the BH Fest had started. By the time I left at 3:15 Neil  twelve had been sighted, including two males. Males usually stay high in the trees to mate.
female Brown Hairstreak

male Brown Hairstreak
view towards Steyning
Butterflies that I saw during the day: A worn male Wall, Brown Argus, male and female Brown Hairstreak, Common Blue, Comma, Speckled Wood, a mating pair of Small Heaths, Small Copper, Small and Large Whites, Meadow browns, Peacock and male Brimstone.
female Speckled Wood
Common Blue
mating Small Heaths
Brown Argus
Small Copper


Silver-ground Carpet Moth
Common Lizard

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