Monday 25 April 2011

Rewell Wood Fritillaries and Kithurst Hill Comma

This fine weather has forced me to out twice a day recently. Yesterday evening I visited Rewell Wood at 6pm to catch the Pearl-bordered Fritillaries roosting. At 9am I caught them waking up. This afternoon Sue joined me at Kithurst Hill where she found a Green Hairstreak and we met Sherie who joined us at Rewell Wood for some more roosting.
Pearl-bordered Fritillary roosting at 6pm

I started at Rewell Wood at 9am when the Pearl-bordered Fritillaries were warming their wings before their hectic day of nectaring on Bugle and mating:
Dead nettle and Bugle
Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Gorse Orbweaver, Agalenatea redii
Pearl-bordered Fritillary taking off

Caterpillar under a piece of felt
part of Slow Worm under a piece of felt

PBF taking off

PBF in flight
Yellow Pimpernel Lysimachia nemorum (above and blelow)

At 4pm we visited Kithurst Hill (Springhead):
Green Hairstreak
The meadow is a blaze of Cowslips
Dingy Skipper
Red Campion or English Maiden Silene dioica

Back to Rewell Wood at 6pm for more PBF roosting:

Gorse in all its glory

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