Saturday 23 April 2011

Pearl-bordered Fritillaries mating

Female Pearl-bordered Fritillary after mating
I returned to Rewell Wood yesterday at 3:30pm and found two huge hornets patrolling in different areas.  There were plenty  of Pearl-bordered Fritillaries fluttering around. Until late afternoon they do not settle for long enough to shoot. I was fortunate to find a pair mating. At one point another male decided it would like some of the action but was rebuffed. After the nuptials were over the female remained stationary in the undergrowth for the next 50 minutes.

Two's company 
 Three's a crowd

Three again 

exhausted lady 
 PBF on Bugle

The bed of Bugle carefully manicured so no nasty bits of bracken show up in the pics 


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