Thursday, 21 April 2011

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

Pearl-bordered Fritillary
I visited a West Sussex site for the Pearl-bordered Fritillary today and found them in abundance. They were flitting all over the bracken-covered woodland glade. They were almost impossible to photograph until 4pm when they started nectaring for more than a few seconds. I found a large patch of bugle which attracted several at a time. They are difficult to photograph and I have not got a really good shot yet so I will return today. I also found a slow worm sheltering from the heat under a square of felt which I replaced after a few photos.
Slow worm

Anyone know what this flower is?
Tormentil Potentilla erecta
I tried in-flight shots. This was the best I could do. 
 Pearl-bordered Fritillary nectaring on Bugle

Bumble bee in flight

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