Friday, 1 October 2010

Turnstones have a crab fest

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Yesterday morning weather was good so I made another visit to the ‘island’ which appears when the tide is out. Today a gale has been blowing all day so I had plenty of time to edit the resulting pics.
Today's gale has confirmed me and the camera indoor. Two kite surfers were speeding along the front.
 entrance to the River Arun
looking east from the beach
Herring Gull
looking east from mudflats
Little Egret

I saw 5 Egrets on the beach. The other day I met a guy by the Ferring Rife who told me the Rife population had built up to eight individuals. I assume these five are part of the same population.
Turnstone with shellfish meat

Turnstone feeding on crab
with small piece of food
Turnstone feeding on crab
Black-headed Gull

Oyster catchers in flight

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