Thursday, 16 April 2015

Violet Cosmet and Pyrausta micro moths

Comma, Polygonia c-album
On Saturday and Monday I visited Pulborough Brooks again, but no sign of the Scarce Tortoiseshell, the Little Ringed Plover or the Nightingales. I checked out Kithurst Meadow on Saturday afternoon and saw  Cowslips and Wood Violets flowering.
  On Tuesday I went to Mill Hill and saw my first Grizzled Skipper of the year laying an egg. I also spotted 4 micro moths: Straw-barred Pearl (Pyrausta despicata), Wavy-barred Sable (P. nigrata), Common Purple & Gold (P. purpuralis) and a new one, a Violet Cosmet (Pancalia leuwenhoekella). The latter was less than 1cm long. There was also a Sphecodes species of Cleptoparasite bee. These lay their eggs inside other bee nests, their larvae feeding on pollen provided by the host.
  On Wednesday in Rewell Wood I found a Comma in exactly the same place that I see one every year, plus fighting Peacocks and a Dark Bush Cricket nymph.
Pulborough Brooks:
Blue Tit with pollen face, Cyanistes caeruleus in Blackthorn
Dunnock singing, Prunella modularis
Goldfinch, Carduelis carduelis
Linnet, Carduelis cannabina
Peacock, Inachis io
Pied Wagtail, Motacilla alba
Reed Warbler with fly, Acrocephalus scirpaceus
Reed Warbler
Reed Warbler
Starling, Sturnus vulgaris
Kithurst Meadow:
Cowslip, Primula veris
Wood Violet, Viola riviniana
Pulborough Brooks:
Blackthorn by zigzag, Prunus spinosa
Great Spotted Woodpecker, Dendrocopos major
Grey Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis

Jay, Garrulus glandarius
Peacock, Inachis io
Small Tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae
Mill Hill:

Common Purple and Gold, Pyrausta purpuralis
Grizzled Skipper laying egg, Pyrgus malvae
Parasitic wasp ovipositing into Carline Thistle
Sphecodes species of Cleptoparasite bee
Straw-barred Pearl, Pyrausta despicata
Violet Cosmet, Pancalia leuwenhoekella
Wavy-barred Sable, Pyrausta nigrata
Rewell Wood:
Comma, Polygonia c-album
Dark Bush Cricket nymph, Pholidoptera griseoaptera

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