Saturday, 2 January 2016

Candlesnuff Fungus and Bleeding Broadleaf Crust

Candlesnuff Fungus, Xylaria hypoxylon
On Sunday 27th I walked along the stretch of the River Porter leading to Forge Dam and saw a pair of Dippers. They were too flighty and far away for photos. On 28th I walked along the same stretch and saw a single Dipper. I found plenty of fungi above Forge Dam. I spotted a bat box high up on a tree, good to know they are being looked after.
Blushing Bracket, Daedaleopsis confragosa
Blushing Bracket
Bonnet fungus, Mycena species
Candlesnuff Fungus on branch, Xylaria hypoxylon
Candlesnuff Fungus
Candlesnuff Fungus on branch
Candlesnuff Fungus on branch
Cartilage Lichen, Ramalina farinacea
Christmas tree
Common Greenshield Lichen, Flavoparmelia caperata
Common Greenshield Lichen
Hairy Curtain Crust, Stereum hirsutum
Hairy Curtain Crust, resupinate form
Hairy Curtain Crust
Jelly Ear Fungus, Auricularia auricula-judae
Jelly Ear Fungus
Jelly Ear Fungus
King Alfred's Cake, Daldinia concentrica
Leopard Slug, Limax maximus
old nail-head in tree
iron stain flowing into River Porter
Rough-stalked Feather-moss, Brachythecium rutabulum
Schwegler Flat Bat Box
Wood Sorrel, Oxalis acetosella

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