Friday 12 November 2010

The roadrunner, an aquarium and nursey

The day started well. When I opened my door to go to breakfast a bird walked in! I was trying to photograph it yesterday without success. After a brief inspection and finding no food it trotted to the back of the villa. I called it the road runner yesterday. I followed and found its mate and three black chicks. The adults came near, but the chicks keep their distance and hid in the aerial roots of a tree.
Aquarium.  this dive site is well named. We soon came to a place where huge shoals of fish congregated in the current. A wonderful dive. Unfortunately Chris, my dive buddy, had his camera flood.

Bandos housereef. We dropped off at Bandos Rock where I saw the shark feeding show on my first visit to the Maldives in 1986. The current was viciously against us so it took an hour to fight it to the exit. The reward was five black tip sharks, four in one place, two of which were very big and made me think twice about getting too close…

Lobster Station. This was our afternoon dive. We had two notable sightings – an Anemone Crab, the largest I have seen, and a Nurse Shark posing in a canyon in the coral head.


  1. Hello Colin,

    Thanks for arranging the return of the binooculars.


  2. Absolutely amazing Col, you're so lucky.

    All gales, bent trees and storms here!

    Dive safe,

    Dan and Gabs

  3. Amazing photos Col - I'm guessing that you might not be in the UK at the moment..

    Have a fantastic time,

    Alex + Nadine


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