Wednesday 10 November 2010

Paradise revisited

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I left Gatwick at yesterday on a half empty BA flight and ten hours later arrived in the Maldives at local time. Great flight. Fastest turnaround ever at Male airport, bags off early. I was the only Bandos client so taken directly to the transfer boat where a family from Liverpool off a Manchester flight were just boarding. Bandos gave me the best room, a Jacuzzi beach villa next to the dive shop, doesn’t get better than this. Checked in at dive shop, prepared dive gear and cameras then Skyped and had first buffet meal – loads of choice, I had pumkin soup, fish curry, vegi masalla, pilaf rice, fruit and tart.
A monsoon started this morning with strong winds and by the time I dived at 2:30pm it was raining. An hour later when we surfaced it was torrential rain and strong wind. Great dive, buddied with a German diver who arrived today, Viz lousy, but plenty to see, especially large eels, both Giant Morays and Honeycomb Morays. Then soaked in the Jacuzzi and prepared blog photos.

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  1. As per usual - wonderful pics. Amazing colours. Keep 'em acoming! Sounds as though you were in the best place that day. B.


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