Friday, 18 October 2019

a visit to Ronda in 1988

The Puente Nuevo and the cliffs of El Tajo
I've started to look at slides from my vast store and digitise some. It's a lengthy and tedious process which will never be completed, but I'm homing in on those that particularly interest me. 
  One of the first boxes I looked at is from a visit I made to the Marbella area in 1988 to see Bruce, a friend from Saudi days. Bruce was a graphic designer and an excellent photographer who was my mentor when I bought my first serious SLR camera (a Nikon FE2). It was in Spain on that trip that I first met Jackie who had become a partner to Bruce. Jackie became one of our close friends and the reason we moved to Littlehampton when we retired from Saudi. Jackie lives nearby and we see her most weeks for supper. During that visit they took me on a day trip around the mountains and we stopped at Ronda. These are the photos I took at Ronda that day during the week May 17-23. They are from Kodachrome 64 slides.

Plaza de Toros de Ronda

The Puente Nuevo and the cliffs of El Tajo

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