Monday, 2 September 2019

Saxon sceat, Elizabeth I penny and a Roman artefact

Saxon sceat: Continental Series D, Double reverse
Last Thursday I joined a Midweek Searchers metal detecting dig in Hampshire and was rewarded with some interesting finds.
  In the morning I had a silver Elizabeth 1st penny. At 14mm diameter it is smaller than the medieval pennies we are used to finding at 18mm diameter.
  In the afternoon I was delighted to find my third silver Saxon sceat, a very small coin at 5mm diameter. It is described as: Continental Series D, Double reverse. (c.700-710)
source: Sceatta List by Tony Abramson p.68 10-10 "Anonymous issues".
  Finally I found a copper based artefact which looks like an ancient tool. It was in a field where Roman and Saxon material were found. A knowledgeable friend in our club found a similar item years ago which was identified as a Roman crucible used for pouring enamel as tiny glass remains had been found in the bowl. My artefact has a pouring cup shape indicating that it would have been held in the left hand. I will hand it to our county Finds Liaison Officer for scrutiny.
Elizabeth I penny, London mint
Elizabeth I (1558-1603)
Crowned bust of Queen Elizabeth I left within beaded circle, legend around.
Lettering: E · D · G · ROSA · SINE · SPINA ·
Translation: Elizabeth by the Grace of God a rose without a thorn

Quartered shield of arms over long cross fourchée within beaded circle, legend around.
Translation: City of London
possible Roman enamel crucible, 7cm long

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