Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Purple Emperor at Knepp

Purple Emperor male, Apatura iris
On July 10 I visited Knepp Estate and met plenty of other enthusiasts looking for Purple Emperors. After tramping along many paths without success I met Phil and we returned to the main path where we stopped and looked hopefully at the tree tops. A Purple Emperor then circled us and landed on an inviting dog poo. It stayed for 10 minutes then flew off. We stayed around hoping for a return visit and back he came, this time for 30 minutes. We decided the poo should be listed as it had special qualities. We were able to share the experience with others. Moth highlights were a mating pair of Cock's-head Bells (Zeiraphera isertana) and a Red-barred Tortrix female (Ditula angustiorana).
Cock's-head Bells mating, Zeiraphera isertana
Mirid bug, Deraeocoris ruber

Purple Emperor male, Apatura iris
imbibing nutrients from dog faeces

Purple Emperor male, Apatura iris

Red-barred Tortrix female, Ditula angustiorana

Red-barred Tortrix female

Small Skipper, Thymelicus sylvestris

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