Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Moths on the balcony

Elder Pearl, Phlyctaenia coronata
On Monday night 24 species of moths visited our seaside balcony light in Littlehampton. They varied in size from 5mm long to macro moths. Conditions were perfect for them - warm and windless. In contrast, last night the breeze kept most away and I saw just 3 species.
Monday's list: Blastobasis species; Bright-line Brown-eye, Lacanobia oleracea; Bud Moth, Spilonota ocellana; Cherry-bark Moth, Enarmonia formosana; Cloaked Minor, Mesoligia furuncula; Common Carpet, Epirrhoe alternata; Dingy Dowd, Blastobasis adustella; Double-striped Pug, Gymnoscelis rufifasciata; Elder Pearl, Phlyctaenia coronata; Eudonia species; Fern, Horisme tersata; Inlaid Grass-veneer, Crambus pascuella; Least Yellow Underwing, Noctua interjecta; Light Brown Apple Moth, Epiphyas postvittana; Marbled Green, Cryphia muralis; Marsh Dowd, Blastobasis rebeli; Mother of Pearl, Pleuroptya ruralis; Pug species; Rosy Tabby, Endotricha flammealis; Satin Grass-veneer, Crambus perlella; Shuttle-shaped Dart, Agrotis puta; Spindle Ermine, Yponomeuta cagnagella; The Clay, Mythimna ferrago and one unidentified micro moth.
Bright-line Brown-eye, Lacanobia oleracea

Bud Moth, Spilonota ocellana

Cherry-bark Moth, Enarmonia formosana
5mm long

Cloaked Minor, Mesoligia furuncula

Cloaked Minor
Common Carpet, Epirrhoe alternata

Common Rustic, Mesapamea secalis

Dingy Dowd, Blastobasis adustella

Double-striped Pug, Gymnoscelis rufifasciata

Double-striped Tabby, Orthopygia glaucinalis

Eudonia species

Fern, Horisme tersata

Inlaid Grass-veneer, Crambus pascuella

Least Yellow Underwing, Noctua interjecta

Light Brown Apple Moth, Epiphyas postvittana

Marbled Green, Cryphia muralis

Marsh Dowd, Blastobasis rebeli

unidentified micro moth

unidentified micro moth

Mother of Pearl, Pleuroptya ruralis

unidentified pug

Rosy Tabby, Endotricha flammealis

Rosy Tabby

Satin Grass-veneer, Crambus perlella f. warringtonellus

Shuttle-shaped Dart, Agrotis puta

Shuttle-shaped Dart

Spindle Ermine, Yponomeuta cagnagella

The Clay, Mythimna ferrago

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