Saturday, 2 November 2019

Ancient and modern finds from Wiltshire

Saxon strap end
I had an interesting day's metal detecting with Mid Week Searchers in Wiltshire on Thursday after passing Stonehenge on the way to the site:

1. Saxon strap end 47mm long 

2. Barbarous radiate, 3rd Century coin (22mm) 

3. Constantius II coin (13mm diameter) similar to "RIC VIII Antioch 49 var 337-341 AD"
    on Wildwinds site

4. Knee buckle - anchor chape Type V xv 18thC

5. pewter bowl  (squashed) 5cm long

6. lid of Roman seal box, late 1st to the mid 3rd Century AD. similar to:

7. Roman coin(?) with hole as pendant(?) 15mm diameter

8. broken handle of candle snuffer 18thC 

9. half of a crotal bell. The bottom half looks like it has been cut away rather than
Saxon strap end, 5cm

Strap ends were used to decorate and weigh down leather straps so they hung well. There are 2 rivet holes to attach to the strap. strap end often had zoomorphic decoration and two eyes can be seen with some bands on this one. It is made of a copper alloy.

barbarous radiate 22mm
Barbarous radiates are imitations of the antoninianus, a type of coin issued during the Roman Empire c.270-273 AD.
coin of Constantius II, 13mm
similar to "RIC VIII Antioch 49 var. 337-341 AD" on Wildwinds site 

knee buckle 18thC.
Knee buckle / anchor chape Type V xv

squashed bowl, 5cm
Possibly pewter, too light for lead. I have no idea what this is for or how old it is!

lid of roman seal box, 26mm
Seal boxes are believed to be used to protect wax seals. They often had holes in the lid and base. This is just the lid, copper alloy.

possibly a worn Roman coin used as a pendant
broken handle of candle snuffer, 18thC

half of a crotal bell
The bottom half of this animal bell looks like it has been cut away rather than broken. 

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