Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Celtic Ring Money and a Derbyshire visit

On Thursday I attended a dig near Whitchurch, Hants and was delighted to find a rare artefact, a piece of Celtic gold Ring Money weighing 3.88g. This will go through the Treasure Process with my FLO (Finds Liaison Officer). I also found a gilt Georgian watch winder (18th C).
Georgian watch winder
I then drove to Buxton to attend a dig in Derbyshire. While there I visited the Buxton museum to attend an exhibition of Hoards found in Britain, a fascinating experience. I took photos of the exhibits: https://www.colinknightimages.com/Blog-slideshows/2019/Hoards-a-hidden-history-of-ancient-Britain-at-Buxton-museum/ I also visited Aunt Bea and we had a lovely Italian meal at a local restaurant. The metal detecting was disappointing so I came home early and attended a local dig and found a Roman grot (grotty copper coin).
Derbyshire views:

I think this is a Light Knot Grass larva (Acronicta menyanthidis). I found it on a dry stone wall.
Field Pansy, Viola arvensis in Sussex

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