Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Grey Shoulder-knot Moth & waterfowl

Grey Shoulder-knot Moth, Lithophane ornitopus
Yesterday I went for a walk in Houghton Forest to look for moths on tree trunks. I found one, a Grey Shoulder-knot Moth (Lithophane ornitopus). I saw a single holly berry and many hazel catkins. In the afternoon I visited Arundel WWT where I saw a Kingfisher on the outside of the reed bed hide, a Little Egret plus many wildfowl at the Ramsar Hide. I met birders who told me they had seen a Crossbill and heard others. No such luck for me though.
  Today I returned to Houghton Forest, this time walking from the Whiteways car park. I found an Orange Ladybird.
Houghton Forest:
Candlesnuff Fungus, Xylaria hypoxylon

Hazel catkins, Corylus avellana

Holly, Ilex aquifolium

unidentified lichen

unidentified fungus(?)

the fungus above on a log
Arundel WWT:

Gadwall, Anas strepera

Canada Goose, Branta canadensis

Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis

Little Egret, Egretta garzetta

Little Egret

Shelduck, Tadorna tadorna

Shelduck and  Teal, Anas crecca

Tufted Duck, Aythya fuligula
Houghton Forest:
unidentified bracket fungi

Orange Ladybird, Halyzia sedecimguttata

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