Monday 2 April 2018

Medieval pendant hanger and a toad

harness pendant suspension hanger
On Saturday morning I walked along Ferring Rife but it was too cold for butterflies. I saw a pair of Little Egrets and a toad. Some frogspawn had drifted to the side of a pond and been left on the ground as the water receded. I moved it back into the water.
 On Sunday I attended a dig near Havant and was pleased with my find of a medieval harness pendant suspension hanger. It is made of copper alloy and has a blue enamel star at the centre and hints of gilt. I have found a pendant in the past, so it is nice to have a pendant hanger to go with it. There is a similar, but less fancy one on the PAS database here: This indicates that mine is c AD1200-1440. When I posted it on FB another detectorist posted an identical but less complete one found at Godalming.

pendant with Lion emblem
this previous find was the sort of pendant that would have been suspended from the swivel at the bottom of the hanger

Common Toad, Bufo bufo

Little Egret, Egretta garzetta

Little Egrets

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