Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Scarlet Berry Truffle, a new fungus for Sussex

Scarlet Berry Truffle, Paurocotylis pila
Recently I was searching for earthstars with Mark Colvin. At one site I spotted an unusual looking fungus lying on the soil surface. There were a few clumps of soft red fungal tissue up to 45mm across. I had no idea what they were so put photos on  Within a day fungus expert Sheila had advised that it was a New Zealand Truffle, aka Scarlet Berry Truffle (Paurocotylis pila). We returned to take more photos and counted 8 specimens.
This truffle is an import from New Zealand. There are 35 records in UK, all in the north bar one from Devon. Sussex county recorder, Nick Aplin has confirmed the id from a tissue sample and kindly supplied a photomicrograph of the spores.
  Mark has posted an informative blog about the fungus:
Scarlet Berry Truffle, Paurocotylis pila

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